"You could have an entire ensemble consisting of different cultures (Everyone speaking a different language) though,
 once a musical collaboration ensues, "Music" is now the universal communicator."

 "In my opinion, harboring the ability to play music is a gift from God.    There are many people on this planet who would love to express their emotions in a musical fashion, though cannot.  
I personally believe that innate abilities should not go to waste.  This is what motivates me.

Music is a force of nature that can bridge the furthest of gaps. It is a universal common ground that is powerful enough to provoke nostalgia and stimulate the deepest of emotions.  
It gathers cultures together in unison to the groove; it breaks down walls.  Through song, music is also powerful enough to prevent war among humanity.

Collaborating with like-minded artists born from diverse cultural backgrounds always make for a positive experience.  You could have an entire ensemble consisting of different cultures (Everyone speaking a different language) though, once a musical collaboration ensues, "Music" is now the universal communicator.
This is what makes music beautiful; it is a privilege to create.  I am very humbled and blessed to have been given this gift.  
I look forward to expanding all horizons through collaboration.  This inspires me to never  become satisfied with my ability.”
- Billy McNicol


        As a child growing up in Louisville, KY, Billy McNicol spent an obscene amount of time on the road with his uncles and father's bands: The McNicol Bros. (Formerly 
The Rugbys and Sundown Red).  These groups built solid momentum on the road and are considered legendary among their peers in Louisville: The Rugbys were the first rock group from the Derby City to strike the Billboard's Hot 100 Charts with their #24 hit "You, I" in the Summer of '69.

    Billy's father, Robert McNicol's extraordinary ability to sing and play drums built a lasting impression on him.   Since this skill is complicated to teach, he would observe his father's performances while on tour; taking everything in.  At five years old, his parents discovered him playing the drums and singing simultaneously to his favorite tapes and records.  

    Throughout high school, Billy continued following through with his craft; forming his own bands with local musicians including his cousin, guitarist Jeff McNicol (son of Steve McNicol).  After high school graduation, he received a scholarship to the University of Louisville and quickly became the college's "Featured Drummer" for the Cardinals Men's and Women's Basketball programs.  Most of his collegiate performances were featured on ESPN and local news/sports television broadcasts.  He was also performing on the local circuit with rock groups "QuarterBounce" and "Band of End".  

    He then headed west to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a professional music career after attending the University of Louisville.  While living and working in Hollywood, he assembled a new vision, Stateol.   His  first record with this project (His third original studio album.) "Hot Lean Spread", caught the attention of the Artist and Repertoire division at Warner Bros. Records.  He was then awarded A&R Representation with the label. 
His latest  album, "Hot Lean Spread" is available for purchase on iTunes.